Nepal Insurers' Association is a voluntary association that ensures and enhances the interrelationship and co-ordination among various insurers members incorporated in Nepal . The main function of the association is to adopt and promote efficient  strong and creative insurance sector in Nepal based on modern dynamic principles and practices.


Nepal Insurers'Association (NIA) is the umbrella Organization of all the insurance companies registered in Nepal. It was incorporated under companies Act 2034, and registered at CDO Office , Kathmandu on Falgun6, 2053. It has its separate office at Bluestar Complex, Tripureshwor  .The inauguration ceremony was held on Poush 2,2071 by Prof. Dr. Fatta Bahadur K.C,the President of Beema Samiti .


1. Promote knowledge and a clearer understanding of insurance among all sectors of the community through public education.
2. To advise members on any action or proposed action by Government or any other authority in connection with any legislation or policy.
3. To promote personal and friendly relationship among members of the Association, holding conferences and meetings for the discussion of technical and professional matters relevant to insurance.
4. To advise or consult with the Government regarding act or thing done or being contemplated by it or its agencies or other statutory bodies with regard to any mater relating to insurance business.
5. To confer, consult, maintain contact and co-operate with any individuals, associations, societies, institution or bodies within or outside Nepal having objectives similar to those of the Association.


Protecting and advancing the common interest of insurers in Nepal by creating and sustaining a positive image for the insurance industry and contributing to legislation and decisions made by the Government and other Public Authorities in the best interest of the industry in particular and the national economy in general.